Company Profile

Scale Models Unlimited, founded in 1962, provides high quality model making, prototyping and laser cutting services to a broad spectrum of national and international clients. We occupy a 10,000 square foot studio, in the South Main Arts District of downtown Memphis, Tennessee. Our full-time staff enables us to produce models made to the highest quality standards and often allows us to meet very tight deadlines.

Professionally made models are designed and built using established construction processes to keep the costs as low as possible. While we are always flexible in building the model as the design develops, we usually work from a drawing package and scope of work that is fairly complete at the pricing stage. Whether you are down the street or across the world, phone, fax, email and Memphis based FedEx serve well to ensure that you are getting the model that you envision.

SMU is at the forefront of laser cutting technology. A separate division of our company manufactures LaserCAMM, (a floor model laser cutter which helps model makers and designers around the world obtain the most precise and intricate detailing of parts from CAD files). SMU also offers professional photography and videography services for documenting our models. When requested we produce videos of models and put them on CDs or DVDs.

If you would like to take advantage of our professional model making services, please send a drawing package along with a description of what is needed and/or give Kamran Kiani a call; he will be happy to help you to develop an appropriate scope of work and cost estimate. We base our estimates on a competitive shop rate. Our prices typically include an oak frame, acrylic dust cover, title plaque and shipping crate.

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From our clients…

“The model was a critical part of our marketing presentation. It allowed us to explain our concept to non-technical customers; 2D drawings just wouldn’t have gotten the concept over to the customer.”John Dobyns, SCIENCE APPLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL CORP.

“The model quality is excellent. The model has been instrumental in representing the character and quality of our project. All SMU people have been professional, helpful and responsive.”Rob Gayle, AIA, UC BERKELEY

“Excellent! Model was very effective in communicating our product technology. It was worth 1,000 pictures. The SMU staff was very professional and accommodating.”Dr. Kirsh Afimiwala, INNOVATIVE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS, INC.

“The model is extremely well crafted and beautifully detailed. It is an exceptional piece of work. Your staff is first class. They are very attentive and determined to please.”Roland S. Aberg, ROBERT LAMB HART

“Our continued return to SMU is due to our satisfaction with the personnel, the interactive process, and the products. We have a good, collaborative working relationship. The SMU staff was very willing to cooperate and extend their efforts in a friendly, service-oriented manner.”David J. Neuman, FAIA, STANFORD UNIVERSITY

“The courtesy and response from the SMU staff was just excellent. We did not have much time nor a large budget, but SMU came through perfectly.”J.D. Kennedy, SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

“Excellent service! Very timely under a rushed schedule. Very attentive to our specific needs.”Richard Terrones, SINCLAIR ASSOCIATES, INC.

“The model was done in about 11 days… an impossible schedule! SMU people quickly understood our design and produced a model that was very well received by our client. It was the hit of the groundbreaking!”Dick Dunlap, EWING COLE CHERRY BROTT

“Scale Models Unlimited not only developed a very high quality extremely short production schedule. Your outstanding work also helped us improve our own professional reputation by meeting the needs of an important public client.”John W. (Brook) Ostrom, VOINOVICH CALIFORNIA, INC.

“The end product was as near perfection as mere humans can produce and on time… The model, as a key component to the total presentation, has gained us two unanimous decisions from the county… We couldn’t expect more.”Richard Elmore, RICHARD ELMORE DESIGN INC.

“The model was done in a timely manner and was executed exactly to our wishes. the service was expedient and friendly.”Joe Scanga, CALTHORPE ASSOC.

“The quality amazed my clients. They believed it looked like it came right out of a mold. In addition, the prototype that SMU developed was a major factor in selling my project to my clients.”Frank A. Martin, MARTIN PRODUCTS

“I have used this model… with great success. Everyone I had contact with was cooperative, knew what he or she was doing and understood the importance of the project.”John Koeppel, ROPERS, MAJESKI, KOHN & BENTLEY

“Quality was excellent… This is the best public relations tool around.”Carl S. Howat Sr., HARRAH’S JAZZ CASINO, New Orleans